The® crowdfunding website helps nonprofits efficiently raise money for a project or program. People looking to make a difference by making a donation to a local charitable organization have quick access to information.

Nonprofits may start by posting their project by scrolling to the end of this page or by visiting®.

If you would like to make a donation or purchase a® gift card please visit®.® is the Nonprofit Center’s online market place to help local nonprofits raise money and to help every resident become a donor.® helps nonprofits of all sizes raise money and awareness. Post a project here, or visit® to learn more, make a donation, or purchase a gift card.

Every Donation Makes a Difference


Your most loyal supporters may not always be your largest donors. Insure even your most modest donors feel greatly appreciated. Industry research indicates that small donors often become donors who give more and more often.® is not for capital campaigns. The online marketplace works best when donors see projects they can quickly comprehend as being essential to your mission and that they understand what their donation “buys”.


Example: Your organization learns 500 children can’t afford back-to-school supplies. You develop a® project and let donors know that $25 buys six fifth-graders a backpack full of school supplies, including the calculators, they need to succeed.

It’s Easy to Start a project

  1. Pick and post your project: Identify a project and promote it using an emotional hook to inspire donors.

    Helpful Hint: Early success is important. Start with small projects and build your way up to more ambitious ones. Use the credibility of your first successful project as part of your next project’s story.

  2. Promote the project until you’ve reached your goal: Share the story, the photos, the project’s progress across all your social media and include in other timely communications. 

    Helpful Hint: Don’t be shy.  Ask staff, board members, volunteers, and donors to share the project on their social networks and talk about it with friends. Encourage all gifts. Amost everyone can afford $25 to help change a life. Think about it; all you need is 40 $25 donations to fund a $1,000 project.

  3. Almost there . . . provide updates and keep the excitement building towards a successful conclusion. More pictures, less words please.

  4. Celebrate your success: Spread the good news! Post those pictures, share those stories. Thank everyone for their help. Provide updates on the project. Donors say over, and over, and over – they want, no, they NEED to know how their donation made a difference.

    Helpful Hint: Think “picture books”. Let photos and captions tell your story.

  5. Repeat. Complete one successful project cycle before starting another.

Tips for Success

  1. Nonprofit Center members and non member organizations may submit a project. Members get preferred service fees. (Just another great reason why you should consider becoming a member!)  Eligibility and our Guidelines is a good place to start.

  2. Are you a first timer to crowdfunding? Think small. Start with a modest project; maybe it’s only $100-$500. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with broadcasting the need and gaining a success story or two to share. 

  3. Everyday words. Do not use acronyms or jargon. Explain your organization and the need in everyday language so people who may never have heard of your organization get it, like it, and want to help.

  4. Success breeds success so be sure to remind your supporters when you have positive momentum.

  5. Short timelines create urgency. Plan no more than two weeks for $100. If you are trying to raise $1,000 think in increments of raising $250 a week for four weeks as a way to keep your supporters interest high and open wallets.

  6. You need at least one great photograph. Just no larger than 200KB.

  7. Communicate! Be ready with your announcement plan to your staff, board, donors, and friends when you submit your project. Update your website. Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and other social media channels are the great ways to spread the word. Keep asking people to share the project with their network of friends. 

    Helpful Hint: Consider at least four contacts in two weeks to get noticed and prompt action. Keep communications flowing to maintain awareness which will help trigger action. 

Project Example

The Children’s Community Theater needs six strings of stage lights, at $100 a strand.

Suggestion: Create six project submissions at $100 each, because one is better than none.

Headline: Our Actors are in the Dark

Copy: The curtain will be going up, but our child actors will be in the dark. Please help us shine a spotlight on the stage and help them find their mark.

We need six strings of stage lights. But if we could get just one in the next two weeks the actors can start rehearsals. Please help us raise $100 in the next two weeks.


a simple thank you goes a long way

thankyou.jpg sends the donor an initial thank you and confirmation receipt.

There are many ways your organization can thank donors. Say “thank you” on your Facebook page, but consider how to walk the line between privacy and recognition. Get permission first.

Update your website and social media with new photos and stories to show off how the funds were used.

Get the creative juices flowing. Say thank you beyond a form letter and a social post. Our imaginary Children’s Community Theater could include preferred seating, benefactor listing in the play program, signage leading into the theater, an autographed program from the cast and crew and relevant ways to say “thank you!”.


How to Submit a Project

We want you to be a big success, so, please email Jacob Board if you have questions.

Projects must be submitted for approval. Projects will be evaluated on:

  • Project description
  • How much you want to raise and how many weeks you expect it to take
  • Your sales pitch – who will benefit from the project and why it’s important
  • Three ways your organization will promote the project
  • Post project follow-up plans
  • Include at least one high resolution photograph

Upload Your Project

Please allow 3-4 business days for the Nonprofit Center to respond to your project request.

Check out® for more information.